Cake Smash

A while ago I was asked if I could shoot a 'Cake Smash', my first thought was 'what the heck is a Cake Smash' but after a bit of research I learned that its typically where you have a small frosted cake and let the birthday girl or boy dig into it with their hands and take photos of the ensuing mess. Of course I jumped at the chance to go and be a part of this, and I was not sorry.

I went to the clients house and set up, I decided to use constant light instead of flash as I didn't want to frighten the little man every time I took a shot. We placed the awesome cake on the floor and then just let the birthday boy do his thing!

To be honest he did seem a little more interested in the balloons at first, but after a while he realized the cake was fun to play with!

I had such a blast photographing my first cake smash, the shots came out awesome. I certainly was an afternoon full of firsts. I really love my job, from wedding photography to smaller jobs like this. Its awesome to share moments like this with people, knowing that you can provide lasting memories that people will cherish.