Shyzuka Straps Review

For us photographers, the strap you use is often as much a fashion statement as it is a choice of necessity.

Whether you shoot with two cameras or one, the marketplace is absolutely saturated with choices of a camera strap.

I've always preferred third-party options to the straps you get with a camera body and through the years I've had many different styles and types of strap. From padded ergonomic types with pockets, clips, and zippers galore to simple over the shoulder no-nonsense types such as the Artisan-N-Artist ACAM-E25R 

I was recently looking for a dual camera strap solution for wedding season. Weddings are the only time I dual-weld for long periods of time. I've done the awkward camera juggle with two cameras with single straps and I've never been a fan of it, I've always felt like the cameras are more vulnerable and prone to slipping off your shoulders. Leading me to covet the likes of the HoldFast Money Maker.  The problem being that these solutions are fairly heavy on the wallet. Whilst they offer great support and are made out of high-quality materials I've always been put off by the cost.

Leading me to widen my search and continue the dual camera juggle. That is until I came across Shyzuka Straps. Offering a fantastic range of handcrafted strap solutions in a range of styles and materials for a really reasonable price.

As I mentioned above camera straps can be a fashion statement too and my choice was no exception, I ordered a cotton dual camera strap in Red. So not only is it a fashion statement and a great solution to carrying two cameras but its also vegan-friendly!  It arrived in good time and I was able to try it at a wedding that weekend.


I could not have been happier, shooting with a two camera set up was an absolute breeze! I shoot with two fairly heavy cameras and some pretty hefty glass like my Canon 85mm f1.2 L (which weighs almost as much as my Sony a7Riii body with its battery grip!) Needless to say, carrying two cameras with heavy glass for 12+ hours can get a little tiring!

Well, with this strap that burden is a thing of the past!

The soft cotton webbing is strong and spreads the weight evenly over your shoulders and back with the cameras hanging securely at your hip. One of the things was slightly concerned about was how the cameras where secured. I had reservations as to how secure my cameras would feel just hanging around my waist.

I needn't have worried. Shyzuka had it covered, all straps come with a heavy duty, quick release safety clip that threads straight into the tripod mount with a 1/4" thread. Also, there is a backup lanyard that clips to the strap point on a camera. No need to worry at all.


After using the strap for a few shoots and a couple of weddings I was delighted with the quality, and craftsmanship. The support it offers might not be a new or unique design but it works, so well. The added bonus of the brilliant choice of color and material is the selling point for me.

I've since been in touch with Linas at Shyzuka Straps HQ and he kindly sent me a couple more straps in different material and styles.  A black, wide webbing version of the Cotton dual Camera strap and a single camera, crossbody strap in leather.


The slightly wider webbing on this black dual camera strap spreads the weight very well and comes in a variety of colors. For a recent wedding shoot, I used this black strap for the ceremony and more formal parts of the day and then switched to the red strap for the evening.


One of the things I love about Shyzuka is the seemingly endless options you get of material and colors. There is literally an option for every need.

I can say that without a doubt these have, and will continue to be a part of my everyday shooting gear. Good for every occasion, made of high-quality materials to a really high standard with supreme craftsmanship.


For more information and to browse the range yourself head over to