Ifootage Cobra 2 MonoPod review

Cobra 2 MonoPod from Ifootage

Gear review

When it comes to getting stable shots, a tripod is most people's go to, However, sometimes a tripod is far too bulky and cumbersome to carry to or from a shoot.

Like most of us, I'm often required to travel quite a bit to shoots, sometimes even abroad and even the thought of carrying a tripod is sometimes a bit much! Even some smaller travel-sized tripods are a bit on the chunky side, not to mention that a lot of places don't allow the use of a tripod!

For a lot of us, the next best thing is a monopod. With two fewer legs they obviously take up less space and are easier to transport, yet still offer a decent amount of stability and allow for a few precious extra stops when in low light or using a telephoto lens.

I've had a few monopods over the years from cheapo Amazon bargains to higher end  Manfrotto ones. I can honestly say I didn't really make the most of them. Not fully getting the best use from them, probably a mixture of ignorance and lack of knowledge!


Then, when I was browsing on Instagram one day, I came across a company called Ifootage. They seemed to have a great range of awesome looking Monopods and other camera gear that not only looked amazing but people where raving about them. Needless to say, I got my hands on one as soon as I could and was absolutely blown away by the quality.

Whats is it?

When It arrived I did a quick first impression and an Unboxing on my Instagram Story (you can find me on Instagram here.)

The Cobra 2 comes with a really handy carry case, I was surprised at how high quality the case was, I've had other tripods and monopods that come with a case but they always seem to be an afterthought and are very low quality and cheap feeling.

The case that comes with the Cobra 2 is extremely high quality and has clearly been designed with the user in mind. Even as far as to add a fold out extention so you can carry the Cobra 2 even with a ball head attached.


Nestled neatly in the bag is the actual monopod itself, with a handy hook and loop retention strap to ensure it doesn't rattle around in the bag.


One of the things I love most about this system is its versatility. It is designed extremely well and even won The Red Dot Design award 2017.  Its designed with a variety of uses in mind, it separates into 4 sections that can be used in combinations with each other to achieve 3 different forms.

4 sections

Main Body

Comes in aluminum or carbon fiber,  measuring only 43cm when collapsed. Super lightweight and extendable to either 120cm or 180cm. With a unique buckle design that's really easy to use one-handed.

Quick Release Mount

One of my favorite features of this monopod, a spring-loaded mount point that works for both 1/4 and 3/8th threads. Simply pull the red collar and pop the quick release mount in.

Removable Rubber Foot

Ordinarily, this is stored neatly under the Low angle camera pod and but can be unscrewed and put onto the bottom of the main body to make a smaller portable monopod.

Quick Release Low Angle Camera Pod

This is I think probably my favorite feature and where I get the most use from this system. With the same Quick release mount point, the folding legs of the monopod can be removed and used separately as a low angle tripod. With its own ball joint tilting to 90 degrees.

Four Sections

Four Sections

3 Forms

1. Monopod with adjustable feet

Monopod With Adjustable Feet

Monopod With Adjustable Feet

 With all the sections together this set up is ideal for Videography and those still shots where you need great stability for longer exposures or where you're using telephoto lenses when you add a fluid head or ball head its a superb setup. Traditionally monopods are used mainly for videography and I was a bit unsure how this system might work for photography. I've been using it in this setup for a few shoots both (video and stills) and I was surprised how fluid and quick it is, my worry is always that a monopod will be bulky and make it harder to move around with ease. I could not have been more wrong! its a pleasure to use. The weight makes it barely noticeable, but it adds a really nice sense of stability and is even sturdy enough to free stand with a camera on.

2. Portable Monopod

Portable Monopod

Portable Monopod

Don't be mislead by the name of this set up, I would argue its just as portable with the adjustable feet attached. this is simply the monopod and rubber foot, cut down, ridiculously lightweight and incredibly compact. Yet still offering an amazing amount of stability, at barely 45cms it's small enough to sling in a backpack.

3. Low Angle Camera Pod

Low Angle Camera Pod

Low Angle Camera Pod

  By far this is my most used feature of this system, I've had a number of 'compact' or 'desktop' tripods over the years, from expensive to cheap and I can honestly say the Cobra 2 is the most sturdy and robust I've ever used, the lock and friction joint is insanely strong, even with my  Canon 85mm f1.2 L (which is stupidly heavy). No drift of sagging over time. It has locking legs that you can set to 3 different heights, 20°, 50° and 70°.   I use this set up mainly for timelapse photography, but it would be perfect for low angle video work too. Its always in my bag even if I don't take the actual monopod out!

Cobra 2 C120-1-5.jpg

I've been using the Cobra 2 monopod from Ifootage for a month or so now and I can honestly say I love it, I've found far more use from it than I had thought I might and It's quickly become a part of my daily set up. For more information or to purchase your own have a look here.

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