Spring lifestyle shoot in Norfolk

A spring themed lifestyle portrait photoshoot with Saffy in Norwich, Norfolk.

While back Saffy contacted me to book a spring themed portrait photoshoot, we booked a date and hoped the weather would keep its end of the bargain.

leading up to the day I was scouting for a nice location to give a nice spring feel to our shots. It got me thinking about what spring means to me, I decided it needed to be rural rather than urban, as spring is all about new life, flowers blooming, trees regaining green leaves and so on. I also decided it needed to be somewhere with big skies to make the most of the low hanging spring sun, so a forest was out of the question. I finally settled on a Heathland called Mousehold Heath, just on the outskirts of the city of Norwich. I love heathlands at any time of year but particularly in spring. The pop of yellow from gorse bushes against the green of the trees, mixed with the beautiful blue sky is just so gorgeous. I knew this would be the ideal place for a spring themed portrait shoot.

Saffy and I met and walked into the heath and managed to get some stunning shots among nature. Something about a heath is so magical, I'm not sure what it is, maybe the color pallet but in spring a heath is such a beatiful place to be.

I absolutely love this time of year to shoot, the low sun and bright skies make for a fantastic backdrop and Saffy and I managed to get some great shots. Enjoy...